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New Year's Eve


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Live Music

Come Join us for New Year's Eve at the Pony! Tickets are available now for $15 each and include a free drink (domestic bottles, Draft beers, or well highballs) Open until 3am.
Guests who arrive before 9pm won't need a ticket!
See you all there

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A 3 part course to explore the wonderful world of scotch


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Come and join Tyler Schramm from Pemberton distilleries and Neal Harrison from The Pony for this 3 part course for a introduction into the world of scotch. The 1st part of the course will be held at the comunity centre with a educational class looking into the scotch types and the regions and countries that make them.
The second part of the course will be held with Tylerr Shramm out on the Pemberton distilleries on the Pemberton industrial park. During this part of the course we shall explore the making of the delicious nectar.
During the 3rd part of the course we shall explore the pairing of scotch with food and how to include scotch into your dinner parties.

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